Amazing Adventure

The town of Nashville, TN, is dubbed “Music City” and for good reason.

Visiting this major hub of Tennessee will give you a taste of a different era of life and show you how music can infiltrate everything from food to politics. If you are looking for an authentic breakfast with locals, stop by the Nashville Biscuit House. The biscuits and gravy were nothing short of inspirational. It is NOT on any of the main roads and you will probably have to wait.

Even if not a fan of country music, make sure to stop by the Grand Ole Opry. So many music greats have gotten their start there it is almost always booked with shows that boast many of the most current music greats. It is also an iconic stop and the two massively oversized guitars in front make for the perfect photo opportunity.

The Main Nashville Library is housed in a building full of history, with a small art display, wonderful selection of books (obviously), and an impressive special collection on historical civil rights in the area. The special collection is housed in an upper room floor that has a perfect view of the impressive Capitol Building.

Nashville is full of little gems to discover if you just meander around. It is more likely than not to find free live music at the restaurant of your choice, and in a town full of eager musicians the talent is abundant.