Health & Wellness


Life can get you stressed out. Sometimes we all feel like we need to reset. Take some time for yourself to do these few things that will help get your life re-centered.


First, look at your diet. Are there things you are doing that are making you feel more tired? Are you eating for convenience vs. nourishment? Perhaps, try to make one or two choices a day that start putting your daily diet in the right direction. It takes less time than you think. Make a healthy snack or lunch, or choose a healthier option at the drive-thru.

Second, look at your physical energy. Have you been going to bed late every night for a couple weeks? Turn the TV off 10 minutes earlier and start committing to getting more rest. You deserve it. Try to squeeze a few minutes of extra activity into the day. It can be as easy as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking your car a few rows away intentionally to get a few extra steps of walking in. Even if tired, the extra physical activity will help jumpstart your body and give it healthy endorphins, not actually make you more fatigued.

Third, look at your mental Wellness. Has there been something that happened recently that is eating at you? Are you so busy that you think you have forgotten about it, but know that it is still under the surface bothering you? Take a few intentional moments to reflect back on the last couple of weeks and find what stressors have really irked you. Then, try to let go of them. You might need to call a friend and just chat about them, write it down on a piece of paper and then crumple up and throw that paper away, or for some people, just mentally decide that you’re done thinking about it.