Dental Health & Insurance 101


1 in 3 Americans admits to delaying dental care due to their current financial situation. Oddly, most people also know that delaying care will cost them more in the long run. Even knowing that the large majority of Americans deny that routine dental visits are “critical” to their overall well-being.

Each year dental health-related illnesses are responsible for over 20 million missed workdays and over 50 million hours of missed school! The number of ER visits due to dental problems has been on the rise for years and keeps steadily growing. Foregoing your dental care can be a huge cost to you personally.

For example, teeth grinding is something that can cause insomnia, jaw pain and sensitive teeth. Your routine cleaning or exam will often notice signs of this costly habit, whether new or old. Our office can provide you with a simple treatment plan that can help you (and your spouse) sleep better, keep your smile intact and reduce sensitivity.